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I just wanted to draw Miss Pauling with her hair down.
So PJ Pauling.
Turning this into a comic con banner as well as a coloring tutorial. Hopefully soon!
Need one of these?
An MCU Clintasha commission for brbshittoavenge
everything is purple
I can’t stop help
She’s just fun to draw okay
Flash commission!
A sketch for a sweet friend who needs some cheering up.
maraschinoghostie asked: Woah dude I really like your art, especially the way you color! Do you have a tutorial anywhere or is there a speedpaint that you were inspired by, omg i need those coloing skills :0!!!

Thank you!

I had a super old tutorial once, but I haven’t done one recently! I may try to make one with an upcoming piece (I have one or two that are in prelim stages)

I will say that I primarily use Manga Studio these days, though I learned my current coloring method in Paint Tool SAI. Keep a look out for something within the next few weeks!